Rabu, 05 September 2012

Yogyakarta City

Yogyakarta is the name of  City and the capital of special region on the central of java island in Indonesia.
The area of the city of Yogyakarta is 32.5 km. At the centre of Yogyakarta City is  the kraton or Sultan's palace. Surrounding the Kraton is  a densely populated residential.

Yogyakarta city  have significant population of javanese and the people from other ethnicities in Indonesia. This status makes Yogyakarta as one of the most heterogeneous cities in term of ethnicities in Indonesia. Yogyakarta also called a student city. The most popular university in Yogyakarta is Gadjah mada University, one of Indonesia's most prominent state university. the others public university in Yogyakarta are Yogyakarta state University, Sunan kalijaga State Islamic University, Indonesian art Institute. This city also houses several well known private universities such as Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, Islamic University of Indonesia, Atna Jaya University and Sanata Dharma University.

Jalan Malioboro is the primary shopping street  for tourist in the city. while Jalan Solo at the north is the shoping district more frequented by locals.
At the southern of Malioboro road, on the east side is the large local market of Beringharjo, not to far from Fort Vredeburg a restored Dutch fort.

In The City  is easy to find classic art and culture of  Javanese, such as Music, Batik, Dance, Drama, Temple, Puppets shows.Puppet show is the most popular in the local people. The Puppet is a traditional leather puppetry used shadow plays ( wayang kulit ). At the city you can fine the traditional music like a Gamelan music.

Yogyakarta is easily reached and connected to other Indonesian cities, especially in Java through road and railway networks, and also through air transportation through AdiSucipto International Airport.